We get asked a lot why we don’t do macarons as a regular offering in the shop, after all they’re a fixture in every French patisserie all over the world.  To answer this question, we have to go back to our very beginnings here in Rochester.

Bruno used to do macarons on a semi-regular basis, but they were a difficult sell, to say the least.  Because he has to do them in batches of 40, we were often stuck with un-sellable products after a few days.  We were left aghast that such a beautiful, delicate typically-French item did not go down well with customers, so we started to ask questions.  Why didn’t they sell?  How did we get something so wrong!?

Number one complaint?  Price.  We sold macarons between £1 and £1.20 each.  (For the record, in London they sell for between £1.80 and £2.)  Our prices were, however, highly inflated according to our customers, because they said they could get macarons at Tesco for 50p each, not understanding that Tesco macarons are factory made and Bruno’s are made individually by hand.  Once we had a lady who came in, asked for five macarons, and when we told her that would be £5, she raised her hands up in the air, screamed that the price was too much and left the shop in a big dramatic huff.  That lady was just one example, albeit an extreme example, of the reactions of most customers to our selling macarons.  So, in the end, Bruno gave up.  We were simply tired of all of the complaints about our “expensive” macarons.  It simply wasn’t price effective for Bruno to make macarons when he could be using that time to produce something that does sell….without complaints.

This is not to say that Bruno refuses to do macarons at all.  We are always happy to take orders for macarons keeping in mind that, as mentioned above, Bruno must produce them in batches of 40.  Please get in touch and speak with him directly about numbers and flavour combinations.

 With that said, here’s one of Bruno’s recipes published a couple of years ago in the book, Chocolate: Indulge Your Inner Chocoholic available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Chocolate-Indulge-Your-Inner-Chocoholic/dp/024122943X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1536324001&sr=1-1&keywords=chocolate+dk