Welcome to Bruno's blog and, of course, his website!  I'm Rick, Bruno's business partner and, in the case of this blog, his ghostwriter.

As this is the first blog entry, we just want to lay some groundwork for how we envision this blog going forward knowing full well, however, that like any creative endeavor, our original intentions will change over time as we discover new and interesting topics that we want to cover.  Of course, Bruno will be sharing his recipes here from time to time as we’ve found out that many of our customers want to make some of Bruno’s creations at home.  We will also be sharing news about the business, information about new products and writing about our food adventures in Kent, London, and, well, just about anywhere in the world our lives take us.  And as always, Bruno will be candid and undeviating when it comes to food…and just about anything else for that matter!

We want to make this blog as interactive as possible, so sit back, relax, bookmark this page, and let us know what you’re thinking from time to time.